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Afonso H. O’Neill & Cª Lda, based in Setúbal port, has extensive experience and know-how in all aspects of assistance to ships under repair, attending one third of all ships under repair at Lisnave shipyard/Mitrena, Setúbal.

Among the various services, the agency has a team whose expertise also covers all the logistics related to reception, customs clearance, storage, transport, handling, delivery and forwarding of ship spare parts and supplies.

Lisnave is specialised in all kinds of ship repairs and conversions, as well as rigs and platforms for offshore activity.

Lisnave is ideally located for vessels trading the Atlantic basin and Mediterranean waters and with an excellent year round weather for hull treatment and outside works.

Located in the River Sado estuary, the yard is close to the town of Setúbal and 50 kilometers from Lisbon. The yard is sheltered by the peninsula of Troia providing safe anchorage and mooring for ships of any size.

With its six dry docks with capacity up to 700,000 dwt and all necessary workshops, cranes, jettings and facilities, the Yard is fully equipped to undertake the full scope of types of repairs and conversions rendering the best services to shipowners.

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